Greetings From a Monster

Welcome to the inaugural post of Loved and Hated. As a wannabe writer, this site has been a long time coming. I started out with the plan of running a blog, but I plan on turning it into more than that; something more like a magazine. An online publication in the era where print media is dying sounded like a good idea so I said “fuck it.” 

When writing, you always hear the sage advice of write what you know. Well most people don’t know shit, myself included, so I plan on relying on the one thing I do know about: myself. I’ve amassed a pretty long list of fucked-up stories and I figured the internet is best place to store them. I am a monster, after all. 

No wait, I mean it. I’m a giant, lumbering beast who scares children, I constantly struggle with handling my emotions, and I’m hard to look at. I understand ‘monster’ is something that can be difficult to quantify but I think my existence hits the main points. Because of this I figured I’m the kind of person who would be just right to be the editor of a magazine that talks about some strange shit. I also hope that running this website will be a catharsis of sorts. 

Some of the things you can expect on this site will be articles written by guests and yours truly, cartoons, videos, music reviews, listicles, politics, and other crap that I feel needs to be said. I honestly don’t know what it will turn into so I’m going to throw a bunch of shit at the wall and see what sticks.  

So in the vein of classic Vice,, and Big Brother, I welcome you to Loved and Hated. 

Your fearless editor circa 2002.

Author: Broc Seigneurie

Web Developer, Writer, Musician, Midwesterner. A modern day renaissance man.

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